Carpet Drying Tips

Carpet, upholstery, and grout drying times are greatly affected by humidity and air temperature. The less humid inside the home and outside the home, the less time is required for the flooring to dry.

For example, in summer with low humidity rates outside, carpets usually dry within 5 to 7 hours. However, during "monsoon" season, this can be hindered greatly. When the humidity can go up to 100%, drying times are increased. The same goes for winter and fall. The less humid it is outside and inside the home, the shorter the drying times. Typical times to dry in winter usually are 7 to 15 hours total, sometimes overnight, but rarely any longer.

Any time we have snow or rain outside, the humidity is 100%. If high humidity is in the weather forecast, it is usually a sign of one of these. High humidity inside the house has a direct impact on drying times. When you heat the inside air of your home, as in winter, you can increase the humidity in your home.

I offer the following tips which work well to decrease the drying times:

  • Turn your heater down in the winter (or off). Heating the humid air increases the drying time! We add water (steam) when cleaning your floors, and heating the air only reduces the effectiveness of the evaporation process required to dry the floors. The old wives' tale of "turning up the heat" to dry the floors is false! It has quite the opposite effect! The interior of your home becomes hot, moist and subtropical which are not effective drying conditions.
  • Use your ceiling fans to circulate the air. Moving air will aid in faster drying times.
  • Use of box fans or stand fans will move air around and will decrease drying times.
  • In summer, with the air conditioning on, moist air will be removed which will help decrease drying times, especially if used in conjunction with fans and moving air by cracking open doors and windows.
  • Opening doors and windows will help circulate the air and decrease drying times greatly. Even opening windows a few inches even in winter will help get out condensation and humidity and aid in faster drying times.
  • Keep foot traffic to a minimum while floors are drying. In most cases, I groom a carpet for final appearance and to assist in drying. When carpet is groomed, the nap or fiber is standing straight up, and it has a better chance of drying quickly. When you walk on it when it is damp, you crush and mat down the fibers again, and it will take longer to dry. Staying off from it longer while drying decreases the dry time.
  • Turning your air conditioning or your heater off and turning on the "fan only" switch in warmer conditions (like in spring, summer, or fall) will help circulate air in the whole house, resulting in quicker dry times. This is one of the most effective tips I have for you.

In closing, any way you can increase moving air and create escape paths for moist, humid air, the more likely you are to see shorter dry times.

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