The Holiday Housecleaning Checklist

holiday housecleaning checklist

You’ve decided: This is the year you will celebrate the holidays at home. Your home. You’ve dreamt of a home that is clean, organized, and festively decorated. You’ve dreamt of holiday parities, roaring fires, friends and family gathered ’round, and tasty treats fresh from the oven. There’s only one problem: Christmas is FOUR days away, and as of right now, your home is in total disarray.

During the holidays when there is the additional gatherings, shopping, gift-wrapping, decorating, baking, and holiday meals; it’s easy to forget what is ready…and what still needs some work. To have the holiday of your dreams, you need more than good intentions, you need a fool-proof plan. This is where the Holiday Housecleaning Checklist comes in handy.

Because, ready or not, it’s holiday time and guests will be ringing your doorbell in T-minus 72 hours! The Holiday Housecleaning Checklist has been designed to make sure your holiday runs smoothly. And, just like Ol’ Saint Nick’s Naughty or Nice List, you’ll want to check it twice…we know we’ll have to.

The Holiday Housecleaning Checklist


Hand soap: Liquid hand soap, is hands down, the only way to go! Not only is it the most sanitary solution, it is also the easiest. Make sure your dispensers are fully stocked.

Toilet paper: This one should be obvious. Make sure toilet paper is fully stoked. Put a fresh roll out. Stock several additional rolls under the sink or in a cute wicker basket.

Hand towels: Make sure to place clean hand towels in a highly visible place. Replace or supplement decorative towels with something more practical.

Windex: Windex is quite honestly my best friend – it’s so easy to spritz it on most everything for a quick shine. Antibacterial wipes, however, should be used on toilets.


Carpet: Who doesn’t want a clean and healthy home? To ensure just that, and avoid sharing allergens or bacteria, consider getting your carpet professionally steamed cleaned.

Hard flooring: You’ll enjoy those decorations even more if your home’s hard flooring (i.e. tile, cement, or wood) is clean and sanitized.

Guest Rooms

Linens: Wash guest linens in hot water and place dust-proof covers on pillows, mattresses, and box springs.

Furnishings: Lightly dust all wood furnishings and wipe down any glass furnishings. Close the guest room door(s) to keep pets out and prevent dander from accumulating.

Living Spaces

Upholstered Furnishings: Vacuum upholstered furnishings with a bag vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter. Wash removable upholstery and pillows in hot water. For a deeper, longer lasting clean, schedule professional upholstery cleaning.

Wood and glass furnishings: Using a dryer sheet as a dust cloth, dust left-to-right, to keep track of where you’ve already dusted. Dryer sheets pick up dust mites, eliminate static, and make it more difficult for particles to adhere to the surface.

Vacuum: Vacuum your carpet with a bag vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter after during to further prevent allergen build-up. Prevent dirt and/or mud leading from your home’s entryway to its living spaces by placing doormats at all entrances.

Other Tips

Shop for fresh ingredients: Hit the store for those last-minute vegetables and/or fruit two to three days prior to the big day.

Finish last-minute wrapping:¬† Don’t forget to assemble any large toys that will be surprises from Santa. Place plenty of batteries near the tree.

Start¬† Cooking: Decide when you’ll be feasting, and on what, and take the time to start prepping the main courses and make anything that can sit for a day or two.

Sit back and relax: Enjoy the holidays with your friends and family!

From all of us at Crown Carpet Cleaning, we wish you and yours a very happy, and safe holiday season!

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